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Confiabilidade e Segurança com resultados incríveis.



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A Rise Robo é uma empresa americana que já vem a mais de 3 anos criando soluções para rentabilizar o seu dinheiro com o mínimo de risco de mercado, porém com excelentes resultados já comprovados ao longo de anos, o processo é simples, primeiro o cliente abre uma conta em um banco ou corretora que a RR tem habilitação para operar, transfere o dinheiro para a conta aberta, assina o contrato entre o cliente e RR, e pronto... nosso RR pode operar investindo o seu dinheiro e tirando rendimentos para sua conta, (abaixo vc encontrá um FAQ com todas as dúvidas.

Primeiro passo: 

Obrigado por se inscrever.

Tire suas dúvidas no FAQ, se não encontrar abra um chamado - Clique aqui

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Abertura de conta na Infinox (a partir $200 USD) - Clique aqui
Robôs instalados na Infinox - Clique aqui

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  • It's safe?
    The operation is very safe, because we only work with brokers and banks with many years in the market, insurance and several guarantees... The money does not stay with the RR, the RR only rents its robot to operate, even if the RR wants to withdraw the money, It can't, that's the reason for the need to sign a contract with us. This contract will be sent to the bank so that RR has authorization to operate on the stock exchange. Our managers who take care of the investments fund then, create a single account which has access to sub-accounts belonging to customers that generate the total balance. Operations are carried out for this balance.
  • Can I transfer to someone's account?
    No, because the transfer must be made to the holders account who opened the account at the brokerage.
  • I couldn't make the deposit, what do I do?
    Some banks try to block your deposit because they don't want you to take the money out of your account, and they use numerous excuses for that. If this happens, we suggest opening an account in a virtual bank (Banco Inter, Nubank, etc).
  • How will my withdrawal be?
    In the same way that the customer deposits the money, he will withdraw it. For example: If you deposited via Wire transfer, you will withdraw via Wire transfer.
  • Rise Robot Operations
    Rise Robot is extremely well monitored and programmed, we have a structure of last generation computers and extremely competent humans updating our system daily. It operates whenever it sees an opportunity to buy and sell, for over 3 years bringing excellent profitability to our customers. The applications that the robots make include: Gold, US Dow Jones Index, and foreign exchange such as (Eurusd, Gbpusd, Usdjpy, Usdchf, and Usdcad)
  • Can I register with the broker and then make the deposit?
    The steps are: opening accounts, depositing the desire amount and signing the contract.
  • Do operations happen every day?
    The robots are bound to carry out operations every day of the week however, they only carry out applications in good opportunities. For instance, some days it may happen that no operations occur. In addition to that, there are no operations on the weekends, as the market closes at 6 pm on Friday and reopens at 6 pm on Sunday.
  • withdrawals
    You can withdraw directly through the platform if you don't have open positions*... If they are open, it can take up to 15 days to close. (We send you an email every time there are no open positions). If you have any difficulties, open a chat with us. *Open position is the situation when a trader has bought or sold the asset expecting a contrary trade in the future.
  • Is there a time limit for deleting my account or a fee that Rise Robot may charge?
    There are no deadlines and no fees, only direct discounts on the income.
  • If the market is bad, war/pandemic can the robot not work?
    As the robots have a high technological level they perceive the market situation, if it is not good, the operations are stopped. Operations only happen in good opportunities.
  • What currency will the customer's money be in?
    Your money will be in dollars. This is also a security measure, as the chance of the dollar falling against the real (R$) is very low, as the real is a third world country currency, whereas the dollar only tend to enhance.
  • Are there any fees when making the deposit?
    There may be a fee when converting the exchange rate (from your currency to the dollar) the company responsible for this intermediation covers it, but it will appear on your screen when you deposit or withdraw.
  • How do I know my account is active?
    Check your broker's system (login and password you created) after creating the account, depositing the money and signing the contract on our website, your account will be active about 3 days after signing.
  • Can all countries open an account?
    We do not have a license to operate for people of the nationalities below, however, if you have documentation from Brazil or from any other country that is not listed below, it is possible to register. (ID/Passport + Proof of residence). - Cuba; - Iran; - Japan; - Libya; - North Korea, - Somalia, - South Sudan, - Syria, - United States - Venezuela, - Yemen, - Zimbabwe
  • How do deposits work?
    The only required limit is the initial contribution of 2 thousand reais (R$); After the minimum deposit, the customer can deposit any amount. New deposits will be reinstated for new operations. (The more you invest, the better your returns). Your money grows at compound interest, that is, operations are made on balance + income.
  • Will there be any contract between the client and Rise Robot?
    Yes, the contract is the authorization for RR to operate on your account, enabling RR to carry out operations. When registering with the Broker, you can sign the contract. After sending the requested e-mail from the Broker and the deposit being made, the Broker's mission is to connect the client account with the RR.
  • How do withdrawals work?
    The client can withdraw at any time directly on the platform, the only restriction is that when the market positions are open, the client must wait for the positions to be closed to withdraw some amount or the total amount of the account. Open positions are when there are trades with the capital in the market. Closed positions are when there are no trades with the capital in the market. We will send you an email every time positions become open (available for withdrawal) which usually happens once every 10 days.
  • What are taxes?
    The Brokers do not inform the identity/CPF of the client to any registration body, unless there is a legal process. Each country charges taxes differently, for example, in Brazil the tax is on capital gains, for example: Customer starts investing in RR, 2 thousand reais, at that first moment he does not need to declare however, on the date of returning the amount to Brazil, the customer will pay tax on the amount that was brought back 15% on the income: Amount invested 2 thousand reais Yield 40% - 800 reais Total 2800 reais (brought back to Brazil) Payment of capital gain tax -(15% on BRL 800) BRL 120 tax to be paid.
  • How much do I earn?
    In earnings we can never guarantee an exact value, as it can vary... but our history of the last few months is at 17.97% per month (excluding the RR and any other fees), an incredible value! 😅 That's why our CEO Eduardo Sabbag always says it's the best investment in the world in a conventional market, no other robot can get these numbers, scares even the most experienced investors. Our earnings forecast for the next few months is around 13% to 14%.
  • What is the minimum?
    The minimum to start is $ 200 USD (two hundred dollars). Just the first deposit, you don't need to deposit any amount every month, deposit or withdraw the however you want.
  • What is Rise Robot?
    Rise Robô is a leasing company for investment robots in the stock exchange and other assets, RR was created through years of study, data analysis, mathematical calculations, by our CEO Eduardo Sabbag who invests his money in the stock market of securities, gold, dollar and other assets for more than three years. We don't keep your money, your money stays in an account inside a brokerage firm or bank, a segregated account that only the customer has access to, Rise Robot does not have access and neither do the Brokers therefore, the need for a signature of a contract. The truth is that we have never seen such expressive results in any other type of investor, the accuracy of our robot in our operations is startling. Furthermore, Eduardo Sabbag is already a multimillionaire, a part of his wealth was obtained as a result of these investments. Eduardo's goal is to make great people around the world to have access to money through serious investments, which is already happening, many people are getting real good results and are doing charity, as a percentage of the profit obtained is donated to the Institute Eduardo Sabbag, that's why the dissemination and creation of the best investments on the planet, RR.
  • How does the discount on your Rise Robot account work?
    The discount takes place between the end of the month or the beginning of the month, the history described on Rise Robot website are the percentages that entered the customer's accounts clean on a monthly basis.
  • What is the role of Rise Robot, Banks and Brokers?
    Rise Robot's role is to lease robot services. It is in the brokers side that the registration, deposits and withdrawals are carried out. Doubts about changing passwords, errors, fees are the responsibility of the broker as well therefore, there are doubts that Rise Robot's service can solve, but others are beyond us, as we don't have access to the customer's account or access to the Brokerages' systems.
  • Rate
    The fee we charge for the use of our robot is half of the profit you have operating with us, that is, if you invested 10 thousand reais, and we had a profit of 4 thousand reais at the end of the month, the bank at the end of the month will deduct half of that 2 thousand reais, and leave the other 2 thousand reais in your account, that is, RR got 2 thousand reais, and you got 12 thousand reais.
  • What will my support be?
    In addition to the support of the Rise Robot service team, for brokers: Eightcap by channel: Swissquote: Contact RR First Prudential Markets: Contact RR
  • How will I know if positions are open/closed?
    Every time positions are closed for 24 hours for the customer to be able to withdraw their total or partial balance, you will be notified via email.
  • Are there any fees when making a deposit or withdrawal?
    There may be a fee when converting the exchange rate (from your currency to dollar) that the company responsible for this intermediation covers, but it will appear on your screen at the time of deposit.
  • Where is Rise Robot's office located?
    The location is confidential, as it is where the robots are, but it is outside Brazil.

      230 Sunport Ln, unit 500. Orlando. Fl. 32809 - United States

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